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Opening the Closet Door

I don’t think you ever truly know yourself. Perhaps someone older than me can say otherwise, but who knows. My life has been a constant investigation of two questions: Who am I? and What does that mean? As an early example, it was in religion that I grew up a devout Catholic. Then at 15…

Scars of the Covid Age

It seems that I’ve been talking about mental health for so long, it no longer requires prelude or preamble. Whenever I write anything I have an inner need to make the opening feel like an epic poem. Something you would find in Homer or Sophocles. But I’ve talked about my mental health journey, battling suicidal…

Dissent, Good Trouble, and Forging Ahead

Some thoughts on the passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and forging ahead in a Nation without the civil rights icons of old. Dear America, I’ve been thinking a lot recently about progress and the ebb and flow it takes in our history. Not just yours mind you, but all of human history. We make…

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