Podamania Broadcasting Network

The Podamania Broadcasting Network is dedicated to providing podcasts that focus on the mutual passions that bring together friends and loved ones. From television and sports to wrestling and theatre, the shows of PBN celebrate stories of human drama, both fiction and fact, and how they affect our lives and bring us together.

Podamania! with Sam & Kevin

Best friends Sam and Kevin get together every month and tear apart the things they love and why they love them. Each season they take a topic they are passionate about and dissect it as only friends can.

Season One: Pro Wrestling

Top 5 Mini-Series Podamania! with Sam & Kevin

Sometimes considered the crown jewel of television, the mini-series has often produced some of the greatest works in drama and documentary. Sam and Kevin countdown their top 5. — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/podamania/message
  1. Top 5 Mini-Series
  2. Top 5 Childhood Shows
  3. Hidden Gems of Television
  4. Top 5 TV Pilots
  5. SEASON FINALE: Wrestlemania 37 Review; Top 5 Wrestlemania Matches of All Time

The One With The Rewatch

Kim and Kevin, married couple and lifelong Friends fanatics, embark on a rewatch about the great 90s TV classic. Come explore their love and critiques of this show that is so close to not only their hearts, but so many others.

Release TBA

Five Minute Folio

Every Week, actor and Shakespeare lover Kevin Scofield takes his education, training, and experience performing Shakespeare and in around five minutes discusses favorite speeches, scenes, or characters from the Bard’s catalogue so you can get your dose of the classics every week.

Releasing New Episodes April 2021

Coming Soon to PBN

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